The Scientific Python theme for Hugo

The Scientific Python Hugo Theme is a theme for the Hugo static site generator based on the Fresh theme.

To use the theme, you will need to download hugo and place it on your path.

Download and install

  1. Download the theme ZIP file and extract it.

  2. Copy the doc folder as a template of your new website:

    cp -r scientific-python-hugo-theme-main/doc ./my-website
    cd my-website
  3. Initialize git and add scientific-python-hugo-theme as a submodule:

    git init
    git submodule add themes/scientific-python-hugo-theme
  4. Build your site:

    make serve

Browse to http://localhost:1313, and hopefully you will see your new site!

Build HTML

Run make html. Output appears in ./public.

Customizing the site

Edit config.yaml to your liking.

To customize styling, add one or more *.css files to the assets/css directory. These files may make use of Hugo templating, e.g. to access configuration variables as {{ .Site.Params.somevar }}.

Add custom JavaScript to static/js/*.js.

Next steps

See features and shortcodes.

See the,, and repositories for examples of what is possible by changing config.yaml.